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Workshop on “Steering Project Success – What More is Possible?” ©
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Logistics for the Program :- Steering Project Success – What More is Possible?
  • The Venue Logistics needed at the Workshop Venue are as below:

  • Spacious Training Hall/ Conference hall with good ambience

  • LCD Projector, Screen, White board, Markers etc…

  • PA system with external audio speakers (to play audio/video content

  • 1 collar microphone and 1 cordless / hand microphone (for participants), optical pointer

  • Facility to play a video CD/DVD from faculty laptop. extrernal audio speakers.

  • Class Room type seating arrangement or Cluster type seating arrangement with very comfortable table space for each participant.

  • 2 tables for a hands-on experiment in front

  • Participant Kit – with 1 Notepad, Pen, A4 sheets, Course Material (Xeroxed and spiral bound)

  • Soft copy will be sent 4 days before the program date

  • 1 Flip Chart stand with 25 sheets - with space for group activity

  • 24 Empty Beer Bottles of the same size, empty and cleaned (odorless), 5 normal

  • Glasses, 24 Flat Steel Butter Knives (for a hands-on project, that would be related to Project  Challenges and Solutions).

  • Items would be returned and can be used for future programs.

  • Name Placard for each Participant

  • No audio or video recording is allowed during the workshops

  • Lunch + 2 times Tea/ Coffee Biscuits.

  • Good ambience and space ( No low roof ). Prefarably suspended LCD from Roof , if possible, to enable free movement of Faculty.

  • SPS Course Book ( 1 per participant) to be procured @Rs 650/- per copy by Organizer. This Cost goes directly towards the SPS Publication.

  • The 1 day Workshop would start at 9:00 a.m. and end at 5:30 p.m. with 1 lunch break and 2 Tea / Coffee biscuits break. Extendable upto 6:00 p.m

  • There would be a Pre-Program Questionnaire that would be circulated; that would set the thought triggers and enthuse Project Professionals to register for the Program.

  • The responses to the Pre-Program Questionnaire would be expected 2 weeks before the Program start date. This is an experential Program and Faculty would factor in these inputs for a enriching learning experience.

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