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Praise for the Book
Steering Project Success: What More is Possible?

This is a great step forward in strengthening the fabric of organizational project management. While there is an abundance of literature and training material on project management, including formal certification by industry bodies, there is always a need for new ideas and innovative thinking in this space, owing to the fast-evolving management challenges that organizations face globally. The concept and practice of Project Assurance Management , advocated in the book, is a welcome step indeed.
Ravi Bommakanti,
Vice President  & Head (Technology Development & Integration-India), Capgemini India

The book is a useful guide to all fellow project managers in the IT industry. It is a great piece of work with hard efforts put in to compile them in a very unique way- the Seven Mantras for success. On reading this book, I do feel that project management professionals would get another view point and is indeed a great reference guide.
Amar V Bhaskar, Past President, Project Management Institute, Bangalore Chapter

There is a great deal of thought leadership that has been brought out in the book “Steering Project Success”. It introduces and sets in motion a novel school of thought that has been termed as 'Project Assurance Management'.
Ramesh Rathi, CEO, Compugain, India Operations

As India's first PMP CEO, I find it heartening to see Madhavan attempting to take the PMP to the next level.
Anant Koppar, Founder and Chairman KTwo Technologies.

I have had the privilege of reading “Steering Project Success - Simple Innovations in Execution" by Madhavan Rao and was simply astounded by its simplicity and yet communicating a powerful message to Project Managers. Such a book would always necessarily lead to and rightly deserve a sequel and I am delighted that “Steering Project Success  What More is Possible?” is getting published.
R Venkataraman, CEO, Resource Values

I have known Madhavan over the last decade, and have admired his steadfast passion for articulating thought leadership over these years. I have been associated with his innovative “snowballing” concept of information dissemination and have read his first book  “Steering Project Success  Simple innovations in Execution”, whereby he talks of the softer aspects of project and program management in terms of managing stakeholder expectation through structured thought process by building the framework of “Project Assurance Management”.
Prabhu Stanislaus, Application Managed Services Specialist,
Cognizant Technology Solutions

Not steering the 'Soft Factors' can undo the best running projects. Not finding an opportunity to do pre-emptive change management in a definitive and near real-time way can lead to opportunity loss. The 100 practical examples in the book 'Steering Project Success' show how to steer projects to success by being entrepreneurial in finding opportunity spaces in a world where 'Change is constant '. The book is simple, direct, and Practical.
Mohan Srinivasan, TOC Expert and Founder Nth Dimenzions.

This book has straight forward, down-to-earth, easy to understand, illustrations on balancing the delight levels of all stakeholders (team, customers, investors) amidst all the challenges and vulnerabilities in present day projects.
A S Murthy, CTO, Mahindra Satyam

Steering Project Success provides a context based approach on some key elements for a practicing Project Manager. The seven Mantras link up to the typical knowledge areas of project management. Gaining better understanding of the concepts pointed out by these mantras helps professional project managers steer projects to better success.

Jayaram B G, PMP, AVP and Head, Project Management Centre of Excellence,
Infosys Technologies, Ltd.

For long we have envied project managers who are celebrated in organizations for their sheer ability to pull through near impossible situations into Win-Win situations ensuring customer and investor delight. We have been wondering what is it that makes these people tick. Madhavan S Rao unveils those simple tricks and techniques that star project managers use, in this book. He has made a science out of what has otherwise largely been an art form.

After having gone through this book, I felt alternately this book could have been titled as “What the PMBOK doesn't teach you”. For one, this book clearly focuses on the soft factors that don't get reflected in the WBS, SOWs and Project plans, but nevertheless, have a significant bearing on the outcomes of the project.

Based on a rich repertoire of projects executed, he has been able to crystallize the seven mantras, that project managers need to be cognizant of for ensuring project success, in his book titled "Steering Project Success".
Rajan Janardhan, Program Manager, Mahindra Satyam

“Steering Project Success - What More is possible?” written by Madhavan, an authoritative project management practitioner, evangelist, in my view, is a definite enabler for all the practicing managers (budding as well as seasoned, alike). It illustrates very powerful concepts in very simple, day to day, real life experiential examples.
Assurance Management Program (AMP) is a change of mindset for proactive creation of more win-win opportunities.  It induces demonstrated entrepreneurial leadership.  SPS (Steering Project Success) gives an easy, simple yet extremely powerful set of mantras to put into practice. Once the PM's believe and practice the principles, in my opinion they are on their way to becoming better leaders in their own right who can maximize opportunity creation. The AM Program goes a long way in Steering Partnerships  Profitably.
Guru Kamakolanu, Delivery Director, Collabera Solutions (pvt) Limited

The word Mantra is a Sanskrit word combining two syllables. 'Man' meaning Mind and 'Tra' means Deliverance. A Mantra is a pure sound vibration intending to deliver the mind from illusions. Chanting is the process of repeating the Mantras.
Practicing the 7 Mantras of Assurance Management; delivers us from the illusions/perceptions that inhibit Project Success. Where current PM Practices lay stress on 'language of Metrics’; it is refreshing to see the complementary approach and power of the 'language of Mantras'.
Srinivas Varanasi, Group Project Manager, HCL Technologies

SPS helps project managers to think granular on creating win-win opportunities. The mantras help you deliver this value. SPS provides a vehicle for project management practitioners to continually demonstrate partnership skills.
Krishnamurthy Voora, Head AMS, Capgemini.

Steering Project Success by practicing the 7 Mantras , enables bringing about the best Mindset amongst stakeholders in the Project/Account. This helps project team's steer through the vulnerabilities and uncertainties in Projects. This has added lot of value to Project Managers in organization and to global PM practices. I am also proud at being the 1st Certified AMP (Assurance Management Professional), in my Organization.
Sridhar Jakkaraju, Delivery Leader, Mahindra Satyam.

“Project Management is the most critical of all skills and processes needed for teams and organizations to be successful in our rapidly changing global environment. Keeping up with and sustaining change can happen successfully only when it is organized and managed well. The book on Steering Project Success provides this anchor for success.”
Ed Cohen, Author, Leadership Without Borders,  Amazon Best Seller.

Steering Project Success is a remarkable guide on project management, specifically targeting domain of Information Technology, particularly highlighting and emphasizing upon often neglected soft skills through perspicaciously designed comprehensive mantras, for successful completion of a project. The basis of the book is an innovative idea that aims for pervasive assurance management in the project management processes right from initiation, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, evaluation and finally closure of the project.
Akshaya Bhatia, Strategy Consultant and
Owner, LinkedIn Group 3i's - Ideas, Innovation, Inventions

Project Management is a subject simple in theory but complex in practice. The book, “Steering Project Success” provides the practical and simple way of managing complex projects. The seven mantras are principles of project management, which never changes. It is independent of methodology used for the project. This book is evergreen for the Project Management professionals.
Surendra Nath Mishra, Management Consultant, Teksystems

Madhavan took the lead and helped us in designing a workshop to make our project managers and delivery leaders manage their portfolios successfully. The Assurance Management workshops based on the SPS book, emphasized on creating pools of talent where participants imparted their learning to at least 3 other project managers and applied the learning's of the workshops in the real world. These sessions have clearly benefitted the group in terms of improved effectiveness of project managers.
Siva Nuti, Sr. Vice President, GSS Infotech Ltd

The beauty of SPS is its Simplicity and Power. Simple because it encapsulates learning from real life Project Management experiences in the form of Seven Mantras which are easy to absorb. Powerful because applying the Mantras promotes “win-win” and “expand the pie” strategies, thereby creating value for all stakeholders.

Ajit Deshpande, Senior Consultant, Mahindra Satyam



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