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Steering Project Success is about effective project management in an ecosystem of globalization and unlimited opportunities. It is about developing a profitability mindset amongst project managers for steering projects to success.

The world of project management is evolving from the traditional philosophy of project
control to empowerment of project teams. The project stakeholders are challenged with the need to be more responsive to changes, uncertainties and vulnerabilities in the environment.

This paradigm evolution demands that the project team learns to think like entrepreneurs
and leaders.

The book addresses this evolving dimension of project management and presents an
innovative approach to managing project challenges. It is also expected to add to the existing Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) by complementing and supplementing the current best practices in risk management.

The essence of this guide is captured in a framework of Seven Mantras which can enable
the project managers to be more successful and is designed to assist them in nurturing
entrepreneurship in their team. The author recommends the readers to soak these Seven Mantras in their thought process and apply them with discretion to steer projects to success.

The guide provides real-life project experiences and presents them in a form that will provide both conceptual clarity and a practical perspective.

The first section begins by analyzing the vulnerabilities in project management. Most
project managers can easily relate to these vulnerabilities.

The next section explains how this framework was rolled out in a large organization,
across 1000+ PMs/PLs across four geographies (India, US, UK, APAC) using a unique
“snowballing methodology” and an innovative concept called Chainge Management. As this framework was rolled out, the PMs/PLs applied these concepts and started realizing the benefits in terms of profitability and steering the projects to success. Out of a large number of illustrations of application and proven benefits in quantitative and qualitative terms shared by the PMs, only about 100 illustrations are a part of this volume.

The next section explains the conceptual base of each of the Seven Mantras. This is
illustrated with real life project scenarios for each of the Seven Mantras.

The author believes that the partnership mindset and the ability to create win-win
outcomes amongst project stakeholders is going to be fundamentally important for steering project success. The author hopes that this guide will assist project managers to equip their team with the required mindset to ensure for project success.

This book would be of immense use to all IT professionals, project leaders, project managers and business unit heads. It would also be useful for B-schools to supplement
theory sessions with practical illustrations. To the students, the book will provide a foretasteof project management in the corporate world.

The Seven Mantras
  • Mantra One – Foreseeing the Bigger Picture
  • Mantra Two – Investing in Customer and Team Education
  • Mantra Three – Information Seeding
  • Mantra Four – Perception Management
  • Mantra Five – Learning to Say a Positive No/Conditional Yes
  • Mantra Six – Steering the Comfort Levels
  • Mantra Seven – Thinking $ for Stakeholders
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