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Workshop on “Steering Project Success – What More is Possible?” ©
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Workshop Title:

“Steering Project Success –What More is possible?©”

Facilitator         : - Madhavan S Rao, PMP

Workshop Objectives:-

This program is focussed on tangible increase in Project professional's ability to deliver projects successfully, through an innovative concept called “Assurance Management “.  

These workshops go beyond the standard PM Body of knowledge, methodologies, Processes, Tools and focus mainly on Practical Project Management insights getting applied at ground level.

Workshop benefits:-

The PM's/ Delivery Heads/ Relationship Managers/ Project Leaders/Team Leaders participating in these programs have learnt to be better at:-

  • The entrepreneurship mindset needed for steering project
  • Success
  • Innovative co-creation strategies involving all Project stakeholders
  • Steering through grey areas/ uncertainties in Projects/Programs
  • Crafting win-win solutions in complex environments
  • Providing mentorship for PM’s, Team and Customer side
  • Stakeholders.
  • How to say a Positive No/Conditional Yes!! And steer Expectations
  • Execution

The learnings would be from practical project case studies they can easily relate to.

There would be hands-on exercises (using objects) and linking the learning’s to the real-life project world. The case study session enables participants to practice applying the internalised concepts and gain confidence to convert this experience into a sustained habit to deliver continuous and /or breakthrough results.

Who should attend:

Project Managers, Program Managers, Project / Team Leaders, Consultants, Relationship Managers, Alliance Office heads, Outsourcing Professionals, Business Development Managers.


This is a mix of

  • Instructor led workshop designed to enable participants to learn through practical  project management insights/wisdom
  • Experiment through hands-on case studies.

The workshop is interactive, providing participants with the ‘thinking triggers’ and ‘practice sessions’ they need, to internalize the concepts shared, which can be immediately applied to real life project work.

Workshop Agenda:- 

SL No.




Introduction and Agenda



Project Challenges -  Uncertainties and Vulnerabilities



Processes ++
Evolving to the Next Level



Assurance Management – 4 Principles



The Thinking Differentiator – 7 Mantras



Applying Assurance Management for steering win-win in an uncertain environment



Practical Case Studies



Practising the mindset -  Steering Project Success (small groups activity)



Feedback and Closure


Sample examples demonstrated by Participants post the workshop are :

Translating Project decisions to business success:-

-Demonstrating Integrity by being able to say a Positive NO / Conditional YES and enabling Customer to appreciate this.

-Making the best of ‘forced business decisions’.

-Leveraging absorbed costs as bargaining point for negotiating next project billing

Maintaining Value Register delivered beyond Expectations

-Quantifying stretch  effort that delighted stakeholders


-Value additions through Pro-active , Pre-emptive suggestions/proposals

- Leveraging Value Register

Demonstrating Partnership mindset – unasked for

-Suggesting Innovative solutions /proposals /changes 
- Educating Customer on benefits of new suggestions
-Delivering ‘Surprises’ and enabling billing for it too!
-Presenting viable options to customer on dealing with Change requests that are a no-go.
-Balancing Customer-Investor interests for  Volatility in Requirements
-Introducing novel ways to enable sign-off’s, Minimize expectations mismatch, Handle  wait time, avoid resource discontinuity etc.

Delivering Profitability while dealing with Grey areas

-Exploring ways to increase productivity
-Handling Estimation approvals
-Handling re-negotiations on ‘Discovery’.
-Proposing / identifying SLA’s
-Managing of customer side delays
-Handling possible estimate variances due to ambiguous requirements
-Aligning Customer Confidence to overall interest of the Relationship

Workshop Duration: -1 day and 2 days versions Available - 9:00 am to 6 pm (extendable upto 6:30pm). 2nd day would be for practice sessions for gaining confidence and master the applications by each participant

This workshop is based on Madhavan’s book: -

Steering Project Success – What More is Possible? , published by Assurance Consulting, Sept 2011.  This is the outcome of over 2 decades of Project Management learning’s, experiments and practical insights abstracted to ‘simplicity for reuse’. Over a 1000 Project Professionals across USA, Apac and India have engaged with this, authenticated and improvised it to a level of unbelievable simplicity. Only simple solutions can solve complexity.

Basic entry criteria are to come with an Open Mind be prepared to engage with a novel school of thought that delivers.

About the Facilitator:- Madhavan S Rao, PMP

The Facilitator is a PMP certified Project Manager with over 2 decades of Industry experience in providing Leadership for Delivery, Business Performance Management, Project Management Competencies and Innovation Enablers businesses.

His IT services experience spans across Industries including Manufacturing, Automotive, Healthcare, Insurance, Education, Process, Knowledge, Innovation and Delivery Assurance

He was responsible for establishing the 1st PMCE (Project Management Center of Excellence at a large IT Organization). He has been the Sr Project Manager for several multi-million$ IT Projects for Fortune 500 Customers and has  led Programs/Accounts for State Farm Insurance, Caterpillar , Blue Cross Blue Shield, Volkswagen etc .

He has led Strategic Corporate Initiatives including - Fixed Bid Projects Profitability, Innovation, Idea Junction, Best Practices etc. He has provided Mentorship and Guidance to several Project Managers/Program managers across Global Accounts, as part of Delivery Assurance.

Based on his 2 decades experience he has authored book on Project Management titled - Steering Project Success; published by McGraw Hill, 2007.

He is a regular Industry Contributor; over past 5 years as Director /Advisory Board Member of Project Management Institute , Bangalore Chapter. He was the Editor of a monthly newsletter of PMI Bangalore Chapter called - PMEssence newsletter (for 4 years).

He has received the Satyam Star Academy award for Professional Excellence in Feb 2008, as well as the EIA, USA awards (Silver and Bronze) for Ideas, Branding & Communication (at  Nashville and Florida in 2007 and 2008.).

He has contributed Papers related to new Project Management trends (based on practitioner's experience) that were part of Industry Conferences at Hong Kong, Sydney , Atlanta, Houston, Canberra , Hyderabad , Bangalore , Chennai etc . His recent program at Bangalore had participation by Project Managers from over 50 Organizations and feedback was very positive and encouraging.

His unique snowballing workshops on ‘Steering Project Success’ and ‘Assurance based Project Management' has benefited several 1000's of Project Managers, who are now well placed in leading Organizations across geographies. 100 applied case studies are available in the book published by McGraw Hill. He has received invitations to present this subject at B schools ( like IBS , Penn State B School , USA ; Loyola School of Business etc..). He is looking for collaboraters/Partners to be facilitators / co-facilitators for these workshops across Academia and Industry worldwide.

Madhavan provides Consulting and Training services across industries (in IT as well as non-IT sectors).

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